Hi, great to have you here! I’m Krista Ylinen, a photographer based in Finland. Originally from a small city called Kankaanpää, after high school spent a decade in Espoo, then some quality time in Rovaniemi and ended up in Lahti at the beginning of this year. Venturesome but stability loving soul. Someone who feels comfortable around people but is not afraid to be alone either. That’s probably the reason why I feel home both with wedding and nature photography.


I started serious photography with my first SLR in 2011 and two years after that I became a part-time entrepreneur. Today I have a Bachelor’s degree in Social Services and a degree in Environmental Management - so besides photographing I’ve done various jobs from working in child welfare system to guiding Northern Lights tours. I also write columns and blogs for magazines and give speeches.

I can’t imagine my life without documenting what I see. I want to share moments just the way they are; catching feelings and that unique view itself is my priority. My aim is to encourage people to forget about the camera. To make them feel happy and safe, comfortable the way they are by themselves and with others. I use natural light and prefer staying inconspicuous when documenting weddings - unless the situation requires the opposite.


Both my work and hobbies have taken me to fascinating places and on interesting journeys. Lately I've been travelling in Northern Norway and Finnish Lapland, and I have to say ; you don't need to go far to find places of beauty and interest. But you might also find a home from a faraway place, like I did in 2009, after which I've had to return time after time to Australia, one of my favourite places in the world.

Through my nature photos I want to promote environmental awareness and protection. Spending early mornings with wild animals such as foxes, bears and deer is what I embrace; being able to spend several days studying their behavior and photographing them in different circumstances feels very rewarding to me. I only wish I had more time for that.

Please, have a little look at what I love to do.

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Wedding photography

Full day wedding coverage:
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Content production

Are you looking for someone to share your passion? I do writing and still photography and can help you to get quality content for your marketing.


Currently in collaboration with: Marttiini - Leader Foods - Suomen Luonto - Suomen Luonnonvalokuvaajat ry - Aarni Wood - Gaston Luga - Beyond Arctic - Partioaitta


Nature photos for you

All my nature photos are on sale so if you find a piece that would look lovely on your wall or fit in for some other purpose, feel free to contact me.

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